If I Don’t Make It Home

If I don’t make it home tonight • Just know that I didn’t have any drugs and no I did not take flight • Yes, I love my family and yes I knew my

About Derrick Strong

Like a blank check, I started out with nothing but a host of possibilities. My scope, only limited by my imagination and perspiration, taken to form my identity. Hard work is the only work I know and whether I try and fail or try and excel my many lessons continue each day and each day I grow. As a boy I didn’t have a clue what I would grow up to be but I knew I would be. Be more than average, more than a cute face, one dimple and a smile, I knew that time and passion was going to offer me both promise and trials. Tribulation is simply a part of life and mine has been no exception. Yet, I am a testament to Dedication, love, sacrifice and luck, because if not for all those things I would be stuck. My path was never a straight line. I have Experienced so many twist and turns, dips and climbs but I am grateful to have always landed on my feet. At times it has made me uptight but mostly upright. I can only attribute it to my focus, faith, and family. Still, I am far from where I am destined to be yet greatness is upon me, for it flows within my veins, it has been driven into my head and etched into my soul. I come from greatness so my options are few and clear. Two brothers, one sister, a mom and dad that has always been nothing but supportive, understanding and right here. Present, being present, that has been their gift to me, always by my side and always on time. I’ve seen many things, been many places, explored different cultures and learned one thing: I am here, Right here, right now, for a reason. Life is all about discovering the reasons, finding those to share what you’ve learned and never forgetting the lessons. Time waits on no man and no man is immune from time. So in the time that I have I choose to write, talk, debate, argue, love, cook, Reason, comfort, Invest, invent, learn, lead, Coach, reflect, support, express, focus, observe, adhere, laugh, Kid, sacrifice, think, absorb, breath, test, live, believe and be. And that is me: Derrick Strong.