B.S. in Marketing to Front-end Dev

Originally, I received my Webmaster Certification from Troy University back when you only needed a certification, and we used tables to layout our websites. So now that you know that I am approximately 100 years old, understand that from there I built 100s of sites (that will never see the light of day), made good money but still needed something more. At that point, I decided to complete my degree in Marketing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. With support and a dream, I started a business offering marketing solutions for start-ups thus building even more websites (but by this time, the sites were significantly better). As I transitioned from developer to business partner to owner and consultant, I knew I that needed to keep up with web trends and expand my knowledge because so much was happening so fast. With a profound desire to grow, I started the #100DaysOfCode challenges (maybe 2 or 3 times) and with that I’ve settled into my niche and I must say “I’m finding front-end development exciting and rewarding again.”


5+ years Marketing Consultant

10+ years General Web Development
5+ years Front-end Development
5+ years Graphic Design


Online Training, Conferences
B.S. in Marketing – University of Alabama at Birmingham
Webmaster Certification – Troy University


Communication 95%
Teamwork 95%
Time Management 96%
HTML 97%
CSS3/Flexbox/Grid 93%
Javascript 90%
WordPress 95%
React 80%
Gatsby 80%
Git/GitHub 90%


Here are a few of my more fun, personal projects.

Let’s Eat

Who likes to argue about what’s for dinner? No One! So I’ve created a simple web app to help you and your family spend more time eating and less time arguing.

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100 Days of Code

We’ve all seen the 100 Days of “Something” floating around the internet so I decided a 100 Days of Code blog created using Gatsby.js and Markup would be appropriate.

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Big II

If you remember the movie Big with Tom Hanks, then you will get a (wait for it) KICK out of this fun little web app that still has a small bug in it; however, its still worth showing while I work it out.

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To Do or Not To Do

Here is one of my many ToDo Apps but this time in React. It features React Hooks and localStorage for keeping your todo’s stored on your device.

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