Baby Daddy

When I first met you I knew you would one day carry my seed • We went to parks, swung the swings, dreamt the dreams and we had her: Babygirl • Throughout the whole 9, I witness the whole nine • Going through your ups and downs: Emotional rollercoaster • Your mom in our s#!t, our families, they didn’t mix • Different ideas and conflict: Child rearing • You put me through hell, told me I would fail, I almost went to jail, still I stood by your side: A real man • We planned a life, you were the wife, I was the man, we all held hands: Sunday mornings  •  She opened her eyes, somehow opened my world, my baby girl, and I am her daddy • Do not punish me, reject her, and break our bond only so you can have your fun: Selfish chic • Don’t tell her I don’t care, just cause I’m not there, that was your choice: We’re separated • Ex-girl, ex-wife, don’t X out my chance in her life; you turned me into a baby daddy • Most guys don’t even care, wouldn’t want to be there, scared, unaware: Punk asses • Preschool to prenuptial, beginning to end, a dad, a friend, and everything within: I’m just a father • Court system is a joke, my rights revoked because you don’t want to cope: Day to day problems • Take away my house; take away your love but not my child cause she is my true blessing given from above