Say Thanks (Repost)

I just want to take time out to say thanks to everyone who has help me to become who I am today and to those who will help me again tomorrow. Thank you to my mom (who is my rock, my heart and friend) and my dad (who doesn’t judge me and let’s me be me), my brothers and sister (who have my back no matter what), my nieces and nephews (who make me smile and proud), my closest friends (who know my heart and appreciate me for it), my family and loved ones – both near and far – (all of who have help to shape me in one way or another). I would like to say thanks to any and everyone who has crossed my path and who have made an impact on my journey whether you know it or not (for better or worse). I say that because I believe that in order to truly appreciate the good times that we must also experience some bad. So with that I “try” to embrace the good with the bad because deep down I realize that both things make us stronger. Strength can hold us up when we are down and life is a journey full of unexpected surprises waiting to be opened. Enjoy the ride and always appreciate how you got where you are and never think that you got there alone. From the first girl I ever loved to the stranger who ran after me to return my wallet a couple weeks ago when I left it on the table at that restaurant (I should’ve gave you some money), and everyone in between, I say Thanks. To those who give me strength day after day without asking for anything in return (I would rub all the letters off my keyboard trying to name you all – so to all), I say Thanks.

I urge everyone who reads this to “Say Thanks” to those important to you and your journey whether its your family, friend, coworker, kids, or whomever, you would be surprised how far it can go.

Originally Posted Nov. 14, 2012