Its Not About Me

I’m a good man, and I know it, every word that I say, every move that I make, my actions – show it • But I don’t do this for you, I’ve done this for me so that when she, her, you showed your face that I was ready to be: your man, your fan, with a plan • Now I could stand here and tell you how great I am and well it just might be true but it’s not all about me • Honestly • I’m nothing without you • All that I am would be in vain, if I don’t have you to give my last name • My words are entertainment but you and I are in terms meant to be • C’est la vie, Oui Oui and palm trees • It doesn’t have to make sense just as long as you are with me •  So come with me, move with me, be with me, trust and see • There is a bigger, brighter picture and its all about we