A newspaper isn’t the only thing that is black, white and read all over, and sometimes the only book we need to read is our own.

- D. Strong

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolate...

…it can be bitter, it can be sweet but mostly, when things get hot, things get messy but I’m still going to eat it.

I am in love with life and all of its possibility. The endless amount of joy to be had leaves me craving to experience more and the more I experience the more I learn that life comes with a certain responsibility. I am responsible to my family, my morals and faith. I have a responsibility to my fellow man; generally, being mindful of others as I navigate this beautiful and rough terrain called life.

Now I am most certain to get it wrong more times that I get it right but that’s because I am a living organism that is not fully developed. Each person that I inherent, work with, see at a local meetup is potentially another person that I will influence or be influence by in some form or fashion. Each piece a different piece of chocolate, some dark, some sweet, some dry and some nuts but that’s the beauty of chocolate. You have to actually experience it for yourself in order to truly know what’s inside.

Moral of My Story






lessons learned