If I Don’t Make It Home

If I don’t make it home tonight • Just know that I didn’t have any drugs and no I did not take flight • Yes, I love my family and yes I knew my rights • But none of that matters to the ones who took my life  • Know that they killed a man and murdered a son • But did I have to die?  • To this end? • By a gun? • Tell my brothers be careful, I don’t want them to lie with the same fate • The enemy is out for us; and if anybody understands I know they can relate • Ask for a lawyer and just comply? • I did, so why did I die? • To my sister, hold those babies close and don’t let them read any of those ignorant Internet post  • We’ve come so far but it feels so near  • Another victim shot dead in the street • But you wonder why I fear? • Hear me out; there was no gun, there was no weed • Just a falsely perceived threat because I am me • Black • Strong • Proud • Didn’t know something so simple would get me shot down • Momma don’t cry, stand tall and focus • Let those media outlets know that not all black lives are hopeless • Tell that Foxy News, we know it’s a lie, stop selling that tired script, your child did matter and shouldn’t have died • I’m sorry I couldn’t make it home • Guess somebody had other plans • Guess they felt my life wasn’t as important as the next man • Yet for some reason they expect my family to just sit back and not stand • Even if standing means he kneels though you choose to rise • Family don’t take our eyes off the most important prize • The lives • Who have died before me • Right • Before • Me • May they not be in vain • May our mothers not share in common the readings of our names • Etched in history • It really is a shame • And all this time • They said we overcame