So what is this thing we call poetry? • Is it rhythm and rhyme, beats and verses, slow stimulating intertwining of words with limited cursing? • Inviting minds of all kinds to come together at one place in time, to mingle, to challenge and bind • It’s joining hearts and hands and man and woman, to finally understand the voice that we all posses inside • That voice is of one, human kind • Listen to this poetry and see just how it flow in me and realize how we are so, so connected • Can take words and blur all of the misconceptions, all of those bad perceptions, now I can finally have acceptance in a land taken long ago • Rich or poe, greedy or needy, I’m here to feed the, Poetry • Now eat up • My mind’s eye now sees clearly, you all were put here to hear me, so feel me as I spit this rhyme • Twinkle, twinkle little star, why like my dreams do you have to be so far, so high, so faint, so hard to grasp, how can you expect me to feel happy, to smile, to laugh? • Life ain’t funny, something has to change • Ask myself why me, I’m not after the diamonds and chains, material things, just want comfort in being comfortable, secure and free • So I transition into this bird and soon my dreams won’t be far from me • It all comes back to my poetry, the POET in me to TRY