I’m never basic but I might be one or more of the follow:

Kinda Awesome

Well, I prefer "Awesome Sauce" because I have the ingredients (aka The Sauce) but sometimes the recipe doesn't work out.

Sorta Funny

Far from a comedian but generally my out of the box thinking is kinda hilarious to those inside the box.


Yes, I know that's a dragon up there but I didn't have time to create a Superman icon plus they both can fly.

Totally Modest

You'll never hear me saying that I'm Awesome, Funny or a Superman-like dragon that can fly; however...

Derrick Strong

Born under the great stars of Leonis, I am Derrick Strong.  Most people know me as a great son, brother, uncle, business person and friend. I cherish those people as I am nothing without the other great people around me. To understand me is to know and respect my journey as I have had to learn to do myself.

Even though I can safely say that I know myself, it is hard for me to describe myself because of the sheer volume (always wanted to use the phrase “sheer volume” when describing myself) of things that I could say. If I choose to focus on the professional side, I possibly ignore the more empathic, pragmatic side. If I focus on the personal side, you might never know about my more strategic and methodical approach that I take to life.

All in all, I am a complicated melody; beaming sunshine, and some other secret, hidden ingredients together. I strive to perfect my craft which varies in degrees of interest and depth. I tend to think like a computer therefore its only natural that I spend most of my time trying to master its inner workings. I live to create and share the best of those creations with society. At my core, a giver; on occasion a thief and a knight whose purpose is to steal the wealth of knowledge out here in the world in an effort to give it back to the people in which I come. So in essence, I’m Robbin ‘Hood. Kinda catchy huh.

One last thing, if anyone knows who this lady is photo bombing my pic let me know 👇🏾, she got some ‘splaning to do.